What is the best burger in Portland?

Well, that is for you to decide! There are so many places to choose from it's difficult to know where to start. Thankfully Portland Food Fights is here to help with their Burger Passport and #BestBurgersPortland!

What the heck is a Burger Passport?

This "passport" is your ticket to trying a ton of Portland burgers. You pay $25 for the passport and at participating restaurants, they'll hook you up with a tasty burger! You can purchase your Burger passport here.

Where will my passport take me?

The list continues to grow but so far you can burger it up at:
Becky's Diner
Black Cow
Blazes Burgers
Coal's Bayside
Foulmouthed Brewing
Gritty McDuff's Brew Pub
Nosh Kitchen Bar
RiRa Irish Pub and Restaurant
The Dogfish Bar and Grille
The Great Lost Bear

The list is expected to grow as the event gets closer!

When is this all happening?

No worries, you won't have to cram all these burgers in one day. #BestBurgersPortland goes through the entire month of June giving you plenty of time to sample all the burgers Portland has to offer.

More Food Fights?

Portland Food Fights just wrapped up their fight for the best donut in Maine and HiFi was the big winner!

The search for best iced coffee is planned for July. Follow Portland Food Fights on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

Do you already have a favorite Portland area burger? Let us know via the app!

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10 Best Burgers in Maine

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