If there's one thing we know about Maine -- and even more specifically, Portland -- it's that we are a bunch of foodies.

No matter your flavor -- whether it's seafood, fusion, Asian cuisine, Mexican, pub fare -- there's something for everyone in Maine, and more often than not that something ends up being one of the best somethings in the country, hands down.

Which is why it's a bit surprising that we don't have an offering like this in Maine, and that New Jersey beat us to the punch.

(Author's Note: PSA - this isn't going to be an anti-Jersey post, if that's what you're expecting. I got enough "Jersey Smells" insults out of my system when I was in college and my suitemates and I would all hurl sarcastic insults at each other -- what's up, Chris?)

northjerseyeats via Instagram
northjerseyeats via Instagram

The Big Cheese

To prove just how much food catches this author's eye on Instagram -- Spoiler: It's a lot -- while scrolling through Instagram, this big hunka-chunka-cheesy deliciousness popped up.

It's called The Big Cheese and it lives at The Brookdale in Bloomfield, New Jersey. What's The Big Cheese? Simply put -- a one-pound mozzarella stick.

No, you're not having a medical episode right now that is affecting your vision -- you read that correctly. One. Pound. Of. Fried. Cheese. Log. All. Up. In. Your. Face.

Holy Donut x Slab Portland

While we don't have any place that offers a one-pound drool-worthy cheese log to weigh us down, we do have a collaboration that's returned after an insanely successful debut at the beginning of summer.

Because last week, Holy Donut and Slab announced that once again for a limited time only, the Slab Pizza Donut is back and only available at the Park Avenue location of Holy Donut.

And while that's delicious and cheesy in its own right, it's still not a massive mozzarella stick that tips the scales -- literally. So, whether it's Slab or another place in or around Portland, any chance we can please get this added to a menu near us? Even if it's just for a limited run like the Slab Pizza Donut?

Please and thanks.

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