As Maine gets ready for legal recreational cannabis to finally be available in a retail setting next year, lots of us may be thinking about how we can get some skin in the game. How about some 'Guru Gummies' or the 'Captain and Celeste's  Easy Bake Cafe'? If you want to learn more about getting in the biz, check out the 3rd Annual New England Cannabis Convention this weekend at the Portland Sports Complex on Warren Ave. Now let's get growing.

NECANN Facebook
NECANN Facebook

According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, “The goal of this convention is to get everyone in Maine who is in the cannabis industry, or would like to be, in one room for a weekend of networking, education and relationship-building,” said Marc Shepard, co-founder and president of New England Cannabis Network, the organization sponsoring the event. “The faster Maine businesses get up and running, and the more local connections they make, the higher the percent of cannabis revenue will stay in the state.”

Check out this awesome video at the first convention in 2015. The singer on the bench is serenading folks as they enter with an acappella medley professing his love of cannabis. He’s changing the words around in some popular tunes to reflect that adoration. For instance, a nod to Sinatra with “Let luck be a bong rip tonight.” and to Adele “You coulda had it all, rollin’ up my weed.” Funny stuff in Portland, Maine right there. He’s got a great voice too! By the way, this video is NSFW.

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