Happy Birthday to the US Post Office!  Yup, technically, "an act of September 221789 (1 Stat. 70), under the Federal Government provided for the temporary establishment of a general post office and authorized the appointment of a Postmaster General who was subject to the direction of the President."

To celebrate, try your hand at these trivia questions about the Post Office. A special thanks to our contestant Annie, who is retiring this week after working for the Post Office for 35 years! She's out in West Ossipee, NH. We salute you, Annie!

TRUE OR FALSE-The first Postmaster General was Benjamin Franklin


TRUE OR FALSE- There still is a place in the USA where the mail is delivered by a mule.


WHO WAS THE FIRST WOMAN ON A STAMP?  Martha Stewart. Martha Washington. MTV VJ Martha Quinn


To get your answers listen to Annie with the Captain and Celeste...



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