Ladies, listen up!

I am extremely excited to announce that it's time for you to take a vacation. Yup. Let me be the person who is officially declaring you need to take some time off. That's right, I am the law of fun. So allow me to be the one who gives you the permission to have that long-awaited break to revel in the company of your friends, and embrace a little messiness.

Let's face it, you've earned it, and it's time to treat yourself!

But where will you go? Glad you asked. One very popular Maine citied has been recently named one of the best places to go for a cheap girls weekend.

Portland, Maine!

Let me just say, that I have had many a girls weekend in Portland, and the people who created this list at Travel and Leisure are totally right. Here's why, because Portland is practically bursting at the seams with free, affordable and fun activities for you.

There's a variety of options for you and the girlies to partake in.

Did you know that Portland has 60 parks and playgrounds? You can start with a picnic and an epic Instagram photo shoot on the Western Promenade. And if you didn't know, the Eastern Promenade has a beach! Beach day!

If you're anything like me and enjoy doing things that are a little scarier, ya'll can visit the oldest graves in the Eastern Cemetery and get your spook on! It was opened in 1668 and is considered a ghostly landmark, according to Portland Landmarks. 

You always have to head on over to Congress Square because they've always got stuff going on. Whether it be free performances, art installations, music, it's always a blast.

If you're ready for a cocktail but don't want to spend all of your money, I got you.

To start, head on over to Shays Grill Pub in Monument Square because they have $5 martinis every day! Nothing says a girls weekend more than a martini baby! The Downtown Lounge on Congress Street is also very trendy and they have a happy hour from 5pm-7pm with $3 Well drinks.

Hungry? Po' Boys & Pickles on Forest Ave has got you covered with New Orleans-style Cajun sandwiches. But if you want to have the whole Maine seafood experience, Becky's Diner on Commercial Street has the most delicious and fairly affordable choices for fresh seafood.

There you have it a few fun and affordable girlie things to enjoy in Portland, Maine.

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