You may be raking leaves in your backyard, but up at the top of Mt Washington, it's full-on winter! The mountain got its first ice of the season back in August. Check out this clip of the snowstorm they had up there this past weekend.


The top of Mt Washington (6288 feet high) is famously known as  "Home of the World's Worst Weather. They broke a wind-speed record earlier this year when it blew 147 mph up there! If you want to get more information on what it's like up on Mt Washington, the MWS is hosting some awesome Zoom Calls each week. From their website:

Connect live via Zoom to the highest peak in the Northeastern US, Mount Washington, New Hampshire, as Weather Observers and Education Specialists at the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory present a virtual program called “Home of the World’s Worst Weather Live.” 


Better yet, you can support the important (and wicked cool) work the Observatory does. by making a donation.



Tried to get a shot of the instrument tower from the eastern side of the observation deck of the Sherman Adams Building...

Posted by Mount Washington Observatory on Friday, October 9, 2020




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