These shoes started this post, as co-workers and strangers alike "oohed" and "aaahd" at the high wire act that was our talented A.E, and staff photographer for the day, Karen Middleton. Our petite Brit needed a little boost to take photos. She explained to me that taking photos from her natural altitude resulted in pictures of lots of nose hair. She was rocking these stilts! But let's take a look at some other footwear choices that created a mumble through the crowd..

cork wedge heelsFirst, let me tell you that I met with no resistance when asking ladies to take pictures of their shoes. You would have thought I was putting together a baby book! These are cork wedges tottering on gravel.

wood stack heel

These are stunning wood-stack wedges. I would need a cane to walk through rock in these, but they looked awesome!

These are high,but conservative. If you plan on spinning around a pole or jumping out of a cake, these may suit your purposes.

I would like to thank the beautiful and daring ladies who allowed me to post their shoes! Now lest you think I am "looking down" on these choices. Here is what I was wearing. Yes, high heel flip flops. I trip in my bunny slippers after two drinks. But since this was a chem-free working event for me, I was feeling brave. My cousin Roland and his wife, Melinda were there gawking at footwear with me when he noticed mine. I explained to him that I am 5'7'' everyday, either by heel or by hair.

high heel flip

If you're feeling tan and sexy and are ready to trade in your barn jacket and Bean boots for something sexier, I have found a great tutorial for walking in high heels!


Thanks to everyone who joined us for Clash Bash and B.B.Q.. I was pouring beer and met some great people wearing all kinds of shoes! Did you make some memories at Clash Bash B.B.Q.? Share them on our Facebook Fan Page #clashbashbbq!

Time for another pedicure,


P.S. I accidentally made this picture my screen saver.

screen saver shoes

Anybody recognize these feet? #mysteryfeet




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