We're getting ready for the Clash Bash and BBQ on August 16th. This will pretty much be the biggest party of the Summer in Maine. Tons of BBQ, Beer, Wine and a special edition of the Clash of The Titans. If you've never been to a "Clash", we put together great bands to represent each decade of music and let you, the audience decide which is the best. So it'll be a Clash Bash when we pit the music of the 1970's up against the music of the 80's 90's and 2k. One artist who has been present throughout all those decades is the great Paul McCartney. Outside of the Beatles, which decade do you think Paul has been at his best?

Wings in the 70's

A Slew of hits in the 80's

An amazing performance from Royal Albert Hall in 1997

Rocking with Bruce at Hyde Park in 2012

Are you coming to the Clash Bash and BBQ? If you have a favorite decade we want to hear what songs YOU think that band should do at the Clash Bash. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter at #clashbashandbbq