From one of Blimpville's favorite Aerosmith tracks to an absolutely perfect piece of art from David Bowie, of course...Most excellent munching today!

The No-Joe-Perry line-up of Aerosmith; back cover of 1982's "Rock And A Hard Place". (Courtesy of Columbia Records)

Your Classic Lunch Menu for Letter "L" Titles in Reverse: "Lightning Strikes" - Aerosmith / "Light Up The Sky" - Van Halen / "Light Up Or Leave Me Alone" - Traffic / "Light Up" - Styx / "Light Of Day" (live/MTV Plugged show) - Bruce Springsteen / "Light My Fire" - The Doors / "Life's Been Good" - Joe Walsh / "Life On Mars" - David Bowie

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"The world is so ass-backwards it almost makes you wish you were dyslexic." - Dennis Miller