...with some really cool vintage Stones, a deep-from-the-archives take-out for one of Neil Young's best, plus Chuck Berry and Asia!!! Wicked tasty, eh wot?

Album cover of The Rolling Stones debut LP, April 1964. (Courtesy of London Records)

The "Do Tell" Menu: "Every Picture Tells A Story" - Rod Stewart / "Tell Me" - The Rolling Stones / "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" - Night Ranger / "Tell Me Why" - Neil Young / "Only Time Will Tell" - Asia / "You Never Can Tell" - Chuck Berry / "Tell Her No" - The Zombies / "Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do" - Van Halen / "Tell Mama" - Savoy Brown / "I Want To Tell You" - The Beatles / "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" - Three Dog Night / "Show Don't Tell" - Rush

Tomorrow (Thurs., 7/13), it's left-overs with The "Do Tell" Menu (Part 2). Hey, waste not, want not, whatever that means. Idea's for Classic Lunch are always welcome, especially this time of year when alotta the staff are out on vacation; take advantage and hit us up right here on the web site and the WBLM Facebook page. We admit, it's a form of collusion...