When we’re out and about on the weekends, some of us are lucky enough to be entertained by a fellow bar-goer stepping up to the mic and singing a karaoke favorite. Most of the time we politely clap to let them know we applaud their bravery, even when the performance was just okay. Then there are the times when someone grabs the mic and absolutely blows minds! Tim Boyden is a Blimpster from Topsham and according to his Facebook page, goes by Mr. AC/DC. We featured him last year here on the website and live in the WBLM studio around the time the news broke that AC/DC needed a new singer. Even though Tim has got Brian Johnson's vocals pat, he didn't get the call from Angus. We're glad he's back on the internets giving all his throat has, this time singing Shoot to Thrill!! Thanks to Danette Furbush for shooting the video to thrill! She reminds us that "he can be seen every Friday night doing karaoke usually at Byrnes Irish pub in Bath."


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