If there's one thing people definitely enjoy in the northeast, it's coffee. Blame the long winters, lack of sunlight, or zest for something delicious, but coffee chains across the country are paying attention to how much coffee people in New England consume. That's why a Colorado-based coffee chain is taking a leap of faith and opening their first locations in Maine and New Hampshire very soon.

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Shared by Saco Bay News, Ziggi's Coffee is going to mimic their popular brand of coffee shop in Colorado, and hope the same product and charm works in Saco, Maine, and Meredith, New Hampshire. The Saco location is set for 991 Portland Road along Route 1, while the Meredith location will be at 339 Daniel Webster Highway. Ziggi's currently has around 70 locations nationwide, and is quickly growing.

While the name of the shop is Ziggi's Coffee, each location serves much more than that. Similar to Aroma Joe's, Ziggi's offers up a plethora of different beverage options, from energy-infused drink options to craft Italian sodas. They also have a large selection of hot and iced teas, as well as a handful of fresh fruit smoothies.

Most of the Ziggi's Coffee locations also have a small but mighty food menu. Like many other coffee shops, you'll find the typical pastries and breakfast sandwiches. But Ziggi's serves a variety of different breakfast burritos to mix things up.

The Ziggi's in Saco will have no indoor seating, but will feature both a drive-thru as well as a walkup pedestrian window similar to the style of Aroma Joe's. As of this writing, there is no official grand opening date.

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