According to an article by The Guardian, we are facing a global condom shortage. COVID-19 has shut down the factories that produce condoms and has messed up supply chains that deliver them.

While quarantining with your significant other, you might choose to spend some time engaging in romantic pleasures. If condoms are your method of birth control and safe sex, better stock up. There's about to be a run on rubbers.

Condoms are a must for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmited diseases in developing countries. Border closings are affecting transportation and the closing of factories has slowed/stopped production. There is a crisis looming according to The Guardian's article.

Some of the concerns are:

  • an increase in unintended pregnancies that can be a financial burden to many poor families and individuals
  • a rise in unsafe abortions
  • an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV

One of the largest suppliers of condoms to third world countries is a Malaysian company called Karex. They produce many brands of condoms including Durex, the second largest condom brand behind Trojan. Karex works with the United Nations and World Health Organization to distribute condoms world wide. Karex is now operating with only 50% of their normal workforce. Meanwhile the need is growing as people are confined to their homes.

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