According News Center Maine, Governor Janet Mills and her administration are working on what could be a solution for the 14 day quarantine required for out of state tourists.

As much as we need tourists to support the Maine economy, there is also a level of exposure that we must consider to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Gov. Mills had put a two week quarantine in place for visitors from out of state, many businesses predicted a devastating summer financially if that happens. Who wants to go somewhere and not be able to explore, shop and eat out? But, pandemic. So back to the drawing board to consider an alternative to the quarantine.

News Center Maine reports that the plan being considered is pretty much a "COVID-19 Passport".  Here's what it entails: out of state visitors can avoid the quarantine entirely if they provide proof of a negative test. Details on what would be acceptable haven't been worked out yet.

This system would mean that lodging operators would have to let out of state visitors know about this restriction when they make reservations and then check their documentation at the time of check-in.

As of June 1st Mainers and out of staters who have already quarantined are allowed to stay in hotels and other lodging facilities here in Vacationland. The Mills administration is collecting feedback from businesses on whether this plan is a viable option.

Do you think this could work?

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