Riding into work here at One City Center this morning, we like to play a little game called "Mask, No Mask". That's where my co-pilot and I look at each person walking down Congress Street to see if they have a mask on or not.

We saw more masks on today than yesterday. However, we also saw a woman with one on that wasn't pulled up over her nose. It was just covering her mouth. Then, we saw a man sitting in the bus stop on Monument Square with one strapped under his chin from ear to ear. Nice try folks...I guess.

Whether you use the cloth covering, bandana, or disposable medical masks...it needs to cover both your mouth and nose. Like I said, we saw more people wearing masks yesterday than the day before. So it appears to be improving out there in public areas of Portland.

That's good to see. Because starting tomorrow May 1, everyone in Maine will be required to wear a protective mask when they venture out.

Here's more from the Governor Janet Mills Facebook page about this important new detail from Maine's updated guidelines announced this past Tuesday. You'll see in the comments that some Mainers are onboard, some are not yet and say they won't be.

"As part of my Stay Safer at Home Order, starting Friday, May 1, I am requiring Maine people to wear cloth face coverings in public places where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, as recommended by the U.S. CDC."

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