Our friends at Sunflower Creamery in Cumberland have done it again. They are the absolute pros at melting hearts with their videos. The baby goats are always impossibly cute to begin with. Now, there's kittens too!

They seem to get along wicked well together. Who couldn't use a little heart melting on a Monday?

Here's the story according to the Sunflower Farm YouTube Channel.

"Yesterday we adopted a trio of kitten boys to be barn cats. Their mama was a feral cat. They were born in a pile of insulation and when they were found, their eyes were all shut due to the irritation. One of our very kind friends was their foster mama for an organization called Community Cat Advocates in Maine. They are so precious, we are calling them Bob (the one with no tail of course) George and Ed. They spent the day exploring and met our barn cat Virginia, all the goat kids, and the chickens. It is amazing how brave they are for little furballs! They will enjoy fresh goat milk for breakfast each morning as they get stronger and settle in!"

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