If you're over 50, and a lot of people in Maine are, you may be a little freakier than I was giving you credit for!

OurTime.com is a dating website for people over 50 and they just released some interesting statistics:

  • Sexting after 50 is a thing. One in five people have taken nude pics of themselves and two thirds of them have sent them to someone.
  • If you are still using the term "Cougar", STOP! 67% of women over 50 hate it.
  • Better with age? 31% claim to be a better lover now than they were in their twenties!
  • The average person in the survey said they would like to have sex about twice a week and wouldn't mind having a friend with benefits to make that happen.
  • Netflix and Chill is still happening out there. 21% said they have watched Top Gun at someone's house and ended up sleeping with them.
  • Kissing on a first date is a go for 53%, 27% would be down for a one night stand and 16% would be willing to take part in a threesome-with medical assistance available. That nurse's uniform isn't fettishwear...


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