Ay-uh. It's true Bub.


'Aquaman' is the Christmas superhero movie that will be a huge blockbuster opening Friday. It stars a huge hunk of a man Jason Momoa.The Bangor Daily News did a great article about the fact that the origin story shows that Aquaman was born in Maine!

He has a human father (the Mainer) and a superhuman mom, Atlantean. He was born here and grew up here and then...like a lot of us, moved away.

The Bangor Daily News laid it all out:

The current version of Aquaman’s origin story is that Atlanna (Nicole Kidman, in the movie), the outcast queen of Atlantis, washes ashore on the lighthouse kept by Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison), a rugged Mainer in the fictional town of Amnesty Bay. The two fall in love, of course, and Atlanna gives birth to a boy. In the movie, Atlanna eventually has to abandon her Maine family and return to Atlantis, where her son is trained to be the Atlantean warrior who eventually becomes Aquaman.

Cool. When were they here to film? Of course they weren't. The Maine in the movie is Australia in real life.

But still...I'm thinking we should get a Maine resident discount or something? No?

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