Honestly, I personally love me some highway sign fun. Driving by overhead highway signs or breakdown lane highway signs that just blandly say "Click It or Ticket" or "You Drink, You Drive, You Lose" are good messages, sure, but it quickly becomes just background noise that you don't even pay attention to, right?

Plus, who ever said that safety couldn't be fun? It reminds me of my sophomore year in high school (what up Salem High, go Blue Devils!) - some people could consider chemistry boring because you have to memorize the periodic table and do some math equations and follow all these safety precautions so you don't accidentally hydrochloric acid your hand right off.

My teacher, Mr. Hillner, made the subject matter SO fun with his personality that I'm pretty sure the entire class not only loved class in general, but got killer grades. It's the same approach to highway signs -- they don't always have to be boring, dull, and straight to the point. And thankfully, MaineDOT gets that.

Why not embrace the Super Bowl spirit while spreading safety messages? I mean, how do you not drive up or down 95, especially with some of the weather we had this weekend, and not chuckle or smile?

"Be a team player, stay at Yahomes" - a hilarious take on not adding to the spread of COVID while also referencing Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes?

"Careful passing is key to a winning drive" - obviously a play on words about safe driving on the highway while also using football terms. Genius!

"Chiefs or Bucs? Either way buckle up" - this one is more straight forward and encouraging you to wear your seatbelt while asking who you were rooting for last night.

"Brady's still a Patriot because he wears his mask" - this one may be my favorite just because of the laugh it got out of me. Now, obviously TB12 wears a mask out on the field and used to be on the Patriots, but the play on words also considers anyone who wears a mask to protect others from COVID a good American/patriot.

It was nothing over the top or shocking, just a little fun with words that's nice to see for a change. Did you see any of these signs at all this weekend? And if you did, were you a fan of them?

Some Twitter commenters on the post seemed a bit split.

"Needs work." -@TreyTrey2115

"This is what my tax dollars go to." -@SemperBrass

"I mean they were going to put a message up either way, might as well try and make someone smile." -@Swampchomp2010 (in response to @SemperBrass' comment).

One Mainer even came up with their own!

"#Safety is the best #Defense." -@raymondafoss

Is this something you hope MaineDOT does more of, with the fun messages? Or maybe just once in a while like for big events like the Super Bowl or holidays? Or are you not a fan of any of the above?

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