So we may have stumbled upon something this morning on the award-winning WBLM Morning Show. We are doing some spring cleaning around here and finding some classic moments from the show, and we came upon one of the epic "Maine Missed Connections." One of the missed connections, and you can hear the whole thing below, is a woman talking about a construction flagger in Boothbay. She described the disc golf shirt he was wearing and said she wanted to "play a round "with him. Listen here:



So that bit was form a few years ago. We don't know who any of these people are, as we're reading them right from Craiglist.  So lo and behold we were dying when the ACTUAL FLAGGER who we mentioned called in today to say that was him! Celeste then got him on the topic of what it was like to be a flagger. Well, it seems they get ALOT of attention. Free coffee, snacks, and drive-by bodyparts. The call was fantastic. Our friend is happily married and no longer a flagger. Now he just has his tales of conquest from years gone by. Who would have thought you flaggers are total rockstars with groupies and everything!



Thanks for calling in, bub! Here's a flagger from Niagra Falls who I bet gets a ton of attention. Let your freak flag fly all you flaggers and thanks for all you do on the highways and by-ways of the great State of Maine!



Amazing drone shots of Portland






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