If you thought I was going to start with an “America Runs on Dunkin” quip, you are wrong. For it seems officials in one New England town already beat me to it.

Grafton Police Department via Facebook
Grafton Police Department via Facebook

This was the scene recently in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, as posted by the nearby Grafton Police Department on Facebook. This was no doubt good news to not only customers, but the current crop of Fred the Bakers trying to get to work.

But does “no thru traffic” mean you can’t grab a coffee and go? If so, make the best of it and pull up a seat, just like we did it at Dunkin back in the 1980s. Who knows? You might just run into secretive Dunkin fixture Bob Dylan.

I wonder if the raccoon who likes to use the Dunkin drive-thru can read...

Residents were quick to respond to the GPD’s post, with the most popular comments being:



“We do have our priorities!”


“Only in New England!”

The last one jumped out. So, with that in mind, here are Eight Great Traffic Signs You Might Also See in New England:

  • Construction Ahead – It’s Wicked Bumpy, Dood
  • HOV Lane is for 2 or More Wahlbergs
  • Yield for Cyclists Before They’re on Your Windshield
  • Brake for Cops Barreling Down a Slide Meant for Children
  • Keep Your Hand on the Wheel and a Finger Out the Window
  • You Must be 16 Years Old to Drive, 19 to Date Robert Kraft
  • Now Arriving at the Christmas Tree Shops Spirit Halloween Store
  • Nearest Starbucks: GO BACK TO NEW YORK CITY

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