Rt.1 in Scarborough was my first foray into shopping. I didn't discover the mall until Middle School, because Mammoth Mart and Kmart had everything that I needed, from school supplies to sneakers, swimsuits, snow pants and puppies! I loved the pet shop at Kmart when I was a kid. Remember the Pet Shop in the Maine Mall? Anyway, I was a fan of the blue light special, and though I don't remember ever purchasing something from one, they left a mark and I still reference them now and then. I loved the new clothes smell of Kmart, there was nothing better than a crisp new shirt with the store smell still on it!  My grandmother lived in the little trailer park that used to be next door to the store and I thought she had it made to be able to go anytime she wanted! I remember putting things on layaway because we were still living by cash, not credit. We would go in to make a payment on our layaway and stop by the jewelry counter and the toy section to see what was new. They had a pay phone and vending machines and the workers wore name tags and knew our names too.

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It's also where I bought all of my 70's stickpins.


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