According to WGME, Forbes magazine has announced this year's ranking of the best employers in each state.

Do you work for one of them?

This survey was of 80,000 employees from companies that employed at least 500 people.

There are a lot of cool jobs in Maine and I for one, am really curious about where job satisfaction lies in Maine.

According to Forbes magazine, these are the top five best employers in Maine:

  1. Hannaford. Yes there is an "R" and no "I" in Hannaford.
  2. IDEXX. My husband works there and he loves it. This comes as no surprise to me. Great company!
  3. TJX Companies. Hey, if I had the time and energy for a side hustle, I would be checking you out and taking advantage of the employee discount this company offers through their many stores that include TJ Maxx, Home Good and Marshall's.
  4. General Dynamics. I did not know that this company also owns B.I.W. and number five on the list which is...
  5. Dollar Tree. I've never thrown a party or moved into a new place without the help of Dollar Tree.

Hannaford has it's shine on, they also came in at number five for employee fave in New Hampshire. Hannafid, as we like to call them, has ten thousand employees here in Maine and are headquartered in Scarborough.

Trader Joe's was named as the best large company, nationwide employer.

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