Potato chips and baby carrots can be the vehicle of many germs if fellow party goers decide to double dip. I will loudly comment and "out" a double dipper, don't think that I'll let you slide! You will be OFF my Christmas card list and may even be blackballed from the snack table if you can't mind your manners!

Here is a dramatic re-creation of double dipping by the master thespians of "Seinfeld":

Does double dipping create a quagmire of bacteria in your spinach and cheese dip? The truth is, no.

What?! But it's SO gross! O.K., it's possible that you could get sick if someone has recently been sick and then puts their disgusting saliva coated tortilla chip through all seven layers of dip. Ewe! But according to a professor of microbiology and pathology at NYU School of Medicine, the germs that you have in your mouth are fierce enough to destroy any interlopers that may be riding in on the mild salsa you just ingested. You apparently have way more good germs in your mouth than the bad ones making their way in. The bad ones don't stand a chance. The exception is a norovirus, which can live outside your body for days. This bad boy strain will have you your brains out! What kind of tool double dips when they have strep throat or "tummy troubles"?!

Anyhow, that professor brought me no comfort or confidence. I stand by my germophobic rantings that double dipping is a health crisis!

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