As the temperatures heat up and more people pour into the state of Maine for vacation, a busy stretch of Route One between Brunswick and Bath will get even busier. For many visitors, it's their direct route to coastal destinations in towns like Phippsburg and Boothbay Harbor.

For many years, the mini-highway that exists along that route simply trusted drivers to know where they're going. Most of the exits along that mini-highway give information about road names or route numbers. But as time has passed and technology has made many of us a little lazier, a changing of the exit signs was necessary.

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Those who haven't traveled along the mini-highway along Route One between Bath and Brunswick will notice new exit letters. The MaineDOT didn't release an official statement on the changes made, but have done similar things on other small highways throughout the state.

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Not everyone is pleased about the sudden exit changes. Local resident Heather Martin penned an OpEd in the Portland Press Herald asking a simple question, "why?". Martin outlined her gripes that with any change comes confusion, and while the renumbering of the exits likely came from a place of long-term planning, the short term could be frustrating. So what gives?

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For out-of-state visitors, it helps them gain familiarity with what exit to use as they head towards their specific destination. It's also an important tool for first responders when accidents occur. Often times, witnesses can only describe landmarks right in front of them. Adding exit letters can help emergency crews better respond to emergencies and problems with more precise locations from witnesses. It also helps in sending out traffic alerts to drivers approaching the area.

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