Celeste here! It's Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Day, join me at the Dunkin from 11-1 at 800 Minot Ave. in Auburn. Today isn't just about enjoying delicious, icy Dunkin coffee, it's about supporting the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. One dollar from every iced coffee purchase supports New England's only Hospital-Based Teacher Program at M.M.C.. Dunkin Donuts has made a five year commitment to support the program by raising $250,000. Help them reach the goal by purchasing an iced coffee or by making an on-site donation today! The hospital based teacher program impacts thousands of kids who visit the hospital every year, by allowing them to stay connected to their schoolwork, teachers and classmates. The Dunkin Donuts endowment not only preserves the program for years to come but also provides the hospital with school supplies to use with the activities.

Buy your iced coffee today and tell your friends on social media about it, #MaineIceDDCoffee Day

See you from 11-1 at the  Dunkin Donuts on Minot Ave. in Auburn!









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