Good Housekeeping has a great article with information that I would love to share with you. The subject of swimming "during these uncertain times" has come up because we now have a swimming pool. The kids want to have friends over and we have raised two mermaids. Is it safe to swim with friends?

The short answer is that the CDC doesn't have much information about the transmission of Coronavirus in water, but they are taking some educated guesses and have some recommendations. BTW, recommendation is another word that I am striking from my vocabulary when this pandemic is over.

So far, there are no confirmed transmissions of the virus through a body of water, but don't relax too much. The risk also lies in sharing surfaces around the body of water with others and touching chairs, counters, restroom doors and stuff like that.

Since COVID-19 is spread through droplets, you've gotta put an end to blowing your nose in the water, (gross), and spitting out water. Those two things are just nasty and there ought to be a law anyway.

You can't completely depend on chlorination or waves to keep you safe from the 'Rona so don't swallow water while you're swimming.

Outside of the water:

  • Keep washing those hands, man. Just because you're at the lake doesn't mean you can take a break, especially if you've touched anything that doesn't belong to you. Helped someone carry their cooler? Get to singing Happy Birthday, bud.
  • Bring your own sanitizing cloths to wipe stuff down. I don't even trust the shopping carts at stores who say they do it for me. Use those wipes on lounge chairs, counters, doorknobs- anything someone else touched before you.
  • According to the article it is safer to enjoy friends outside of your house in groups of ten or smaller, but don't let your social distancing skills slip just because you are outdoors.

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