For many, this time of year means staying indoors and out of the elements. Others choose to embrace the long winter months by bundling up and having some fun in the snow.

The Portland area is much more than Maine’s big city. There’s plenty of green space and fun to be had in nature with winter activities. You just need to know where to look.


Thankfully, Portland Maine Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department put together a map through Google Maps. This map is regularly updated with the conditions of each area for the activities available. The map includes places to skate, ski, and sled!

Check out the map here.

The map is incredibly helpful with color-coded the areas. Green means you’re good to go, smooth ice, groomed trails. Yellow means variable conditions. Red means it’s a no-go right now as the area is dangerous or un-skatable or unskiable.

Looking to go sledding? At the time of publishing sledding, the Eastern Prom is good-to-go green!

The map includes skating at Deering Oaks Pond, Ludlow Pond, Payson Park Skating Rink, Riverside Golf Course Skating Ponds, and Capisic Pond. Find sledding hills also on Payson Hill and Riverside. For cross-country skiing check out Riverside and Deering Oaks.

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