Echo Dot

Parents are more tempted than ever to put Echo speakers in their kids bedrooms, thanks to the latest KIDS edition. April vacation with my kids consisted of me reminding them to say please and thank you while responding to their complaints of boredom. I am SO down with the latest features that Echo KIDS includes!

According to Yahoo, for $30.00 more than the current Echo Dot, the KIDS version will entertain your kids by reading them books, playing music, providing games and telling jokes. There is also a setting that requires kids to say please for the device to respond, and even thanks them for using good manners. The new Alexa can tell your kids that it's time for dinner, ban songs with explicit lyrics, disable online shopping and even go silent at bedtime. The new, colorful cases are tough and come with a 2-year warranty against breakage. You'll be able to use the new features on the regular echo Dot too. The new Echo KIDS will start shipping on May 9th and costs $80.00.

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