Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote a new song for the upcoming biopic Rocketman called "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again." You can hear the track, a duet between John and the movie's star, Taron Egerton, below.

Co-produced by Giles Martin and Greg Kurstin, "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again" plays over the movie's closing credits. The song finds John revisiting his Motown roots, with kitchen-sink production, a horn-driven riff and a stomping rhythm straight out of Stevie Wonder's "Uptight (Everything's Alright)."

John takes the first verse, Egerton the second. They sing together during the choruses

The new song is the only moment on the soundtrack where John's vocals are heard.  Egerton sings most of the tracks by himself, as he does on the album's first single "Rocket Man." Other cast members join in where it's appropriate in the movie script.

John insisted that Egerton do his own singing because he felt it was essential to the actor's overall performance. “It was so important that the music I composed and recorded had to be sung by Taron,” John said. “I wanted his interpretation of me, through Bernie’s lyrics and my music -- not just acting.”

John noted that he "left Taron in the hands of Giles Martin, who I trusted implicitly because he's brilliant. I didn't want to be in Taron's shadows, watching over the process, I trusted them to do what they needed to do, artistically, and listening back I've been astonished with the results. Getting the music right was the most important thing, as the songs in the film are integral to the story.”

The soundtrack arrives on May 24, the same day Rocketman is released in the U.K. It premieres in select theaters in the the U.S. this Saturday, with the general release coming on May 31.


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