Blimpville is buzzing about "Rocketman," the upcoming film about rock legend Elton John. BLM is commandeering an entire theater at Flagship Cinemas in Falmouth on Thursday, May 30th, for the premiere, and you can win tickets.

It's easy, all you have to do is head to our contest page and complete as many multipliers as you want to earn entries!

Elton John is so much more than his music; he is a spectacle, a storyteller, a lover and a diva. The layers are real. Let's discover them together, in the dark on May 30th. Keep your hand out of my popcorn though.

I want to share this clip from Good Morning America of an interview with Elton John and the actor who plays him, Taron Egerton:

I recognize Taron from the Kingsman movies, and Elton actually appeared in Kingsman 2! The connection between Elton and Taron doesn't end there, Taron auditioned for drama school by singing Elton's "Your Song," and he sang "I'm Still Standing" in the movie Sing.

I'm thinking that this red carpet premiere event might go redneck when we take over the theater. I'll be wearing my high heeled sneakers along with my favorite BLM T-shirt. This movie is very much about fashion.

As a matter of fact, one of my favorite shows is Project Runway, and they had a challenge to create a wardrobe piece that could have been used in Rocketman. The costume designer from the movie was a celebrity judge.

Do you want to learn the good, the bad and the ugly about Sir Elton during this R rated show?  Yes? I thought so!

The Rocketman contest ends May 29, so get to it! You could be winning a pair of tickets to the most dazzling film of the spring.

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