Shipyard Pumpkinhead

Shipyard Brewing Company is based in Portland and each and every fall pumpkin fans go crazy for Shipyard's iconic Pumpkinhead that's been an autumn beer staple since 1995. It's so popular that they even released a Pumpkinhead hard seltzer earlier this year.

Twitter via Carla Jean Lauter
Twitter via Carla Jean Lauter

If you're a diehard fan now you can delight in the pumpkiny scent for the fall season even when you're not drinking.

Maine Soy Candles

You can't spell "candle" without CAN and Shipyard Brewing Company has plenty of those. So, they hooked up with local candle company, Maine Soy Candles in Brownfield to create the Pumpkinhead candle. The candle is made with an all-natural soy wax and has a natural cotton wick.

In addition to Pumpkinhead, they do a dozen of other CANdles too like Monkey Fist Sugar Cookie, Export Hot Cinnamon, Island Time Egg Nog, and more! Each CANdle is just $12. Start your Christmas shopping early by clicking here.

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