Winter is bearing down on us in Maine and New Hampshire and the best way to get through it is by leaning right into it! This is the time for outdoor fun and adventure and the folks at the Mt Washington Observatory have the ultimate winter adventure for you. A snowcat trip to the top of the place that has 'the worst weather in the world." Yup, around here that's a badge of courage. And a challenge!

Here are the deets from the Mt. Washington Observatory facebook page:

You'll enjoy a thrilling snowcat ride to the top of the tallest peak in the Northeast and spend a day reveling in the mountain's legendary weather and scenery. A highlight of your visit will be a guided tour of the Mount Washington Observatory's famous mountaintop weather station and the opportunity to meet the scientists living and working in this remote outpost. Then, after a hearty, homemade lunch, you'll head back down the mountain before nightfall.


Do you want extreme adventure? This is for you.





  • January: 6, 20, 24 (Backup date 1/31*)
  • February: 3, 14, 24 (February backup date 2/28*)
  • March: 2, 6 (March backup date 3/23*)



  • Round-trip transportation to and from the base in our deluxe snowcat
  • A dedicated Observatory trip leader
  • Beverages and snacks upon arrival and lunch before you leave
  • An exclusive tour of our weather station
  • The opportunity to experience Mount Washington's famous winter extremes

The cost is around 500 bucks. Pricy but worth this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


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