It is that time of the year, fairs are happening in full force. Going to a fair on a nice Fall day is always a fun time when with friends and/or family. You can just simply walk around, go on rides, go shopping for some cute and crafty items, or even just go for the snacks.

New England is home to some of the best fairs around. You can go to the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts, the Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire, the Fryeburg Fair in New Hampshire, or even the Cumberland Fair in Maine. Honestly, those are just some of the fairs that come around to New England every Fall.

Let's be honest, we get hungry during the day and we are not packing a picnic when going to a fair. There are so many different food options at the fair that we do not really need to plan ahead, we just walk around and can choose to try new things or eat some of our favorite treats.

Now that it is officially fair season, I set out to discover the fair treat that Mainers really want to eat. What treat is ranked the highest? Well, you honestly may not be that surprised.

Some treats that Mainers enjoy are fried Oreos, fried pickles (let's be real, fried anything is amazing), maple cotton candy, a sausage sub, candy apples, and blooming onions.

However, one treat that had the most responses is something very simple, I am talking about fried dough.

Yes, that tasty dough that is circular and deep fried and covered with either cinnamon, sugar, or powdered sugar is one of the tastiest treats that you can have at a fair.

Did I miss your favorite treat? Let us know.

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