It's here! After a few months of build-up, Foo Fighters have released their highly-anticipated new album But Here We Are. And given the events of the past year, there are a lot of interested fans waiting to see how the significant personal losses of Dave Grohl's longtime bandmate and friend Taylor Hawkins and his mother Virginia Grohl would impact their new music. With the album now out, let's see what fans have been saying on social media.

While Foo Fighters albums generally tend to yield mostly positive reviews, the conversation on social media concerning But Here We Are has been absolutely glowing with effusive praise and barely a blip of negative commentary.

"But Here We Are is one of the most emotional albums I’ve ever listened to and one of the best albums the Foo Fighters have ever put out. Insanely amazing from first to last note," noted one fan, while another stated, "The new Foo Fighters album But Here We Are is amazing. I've never felt so understood - forever the best band."

The consensus seems to be that this is the band's best work in some time, though the debate on how far that goes back is up for discussion. "The album I wish they’d never had to write might be their best since The Colour and The Shape. @foofighters But Here We Are is just beautiful," stated one fan, while another noted, New @foofighters album is fantastic from start to finish; their best since Wasting Light" and a third commenter stated, "The @foofighters have taken their grief and turned it into a masterpiece. The songs are raw and gut-wrenching. It's 10/10 my fave album from them in the last decade."

One thing that most agree upon is that the subject matter, which often deals with personal loss, reconciliation and struggling to move forward, is a weighty one that's likely going to elicit a powerful response. "The foo fighters album made me cry in a cafe, so well done everyone i guess," said one fan. Another stated, "First run through. It made me cry a few times. It’s emotional and raw and you can feel that it’s a beautiful love letter to Taylor and Virginia. Well done guys. Best record in a long time #foofighters." And a third succinctly and perfectly offered, "I never thought a Foo Fighters album would move me nearly to tears, But Here We Are."

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Others praised the album for a return to form from their early days. "Foo Fighters But Here We Are album is sooo good! Back to 2000s rock, simple chords strong lyrics great emotions," suggested one fan, while another noted, "New @foofighters album is stunning. One of their best for years! It’s a 90’s/early 00’s throw back! Love them."

And a good sign of an engaged fanbase is when fans start to praise individual songs, in this case serving up multiple options.

"If you are a foo fighters enjoyer and 'rest' isn’t in your top three from but here we are you are wrong," noted one person, while another cited "Rest" as "such a beautiful end to the album." The "But Here We Are" title track, "The Teacher" and "Hearing Voices" were also shouted out by fans.

All in all, it's a record that the band and their fans can be proud of. "Thank you @foofighters for this amazing album," one fan said in summing it up.

Foo Fighters' latest album, But Here We Are, is available now. And you can catch the band supporting the record out on tour. Get your tickets here.

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