Have you ever felt the joy of introducing someone from away to a Maine delicacy such as clam juice or fiddle heads? Regional food specialties might shock some, and Maine does not disappoint. Watch these folks from Cali try some of Maine's signature foods.

Humble Vacationland definitely has some of the most delicious and highly sought after food. C'mon people travel here for it. Maine lobster is a luxury ingredient in restaurants worldwide and packages of blueberry muffin mix boast that they contain "Real Maine Blueberries".

However, not all over our local fare goes over as well. Brown bread in a can might be an acquired taste. I do enjoy convincing our out of state relatives to try a big, cold, refreshing swig of Moxie. I don't think I've ever encountered anything as cloyingly sweet as Maple Sugar Candy. What is Salt Water Taffy exactly? It hardly seems digestible to me, but tourists buy up boxes of it and risk losing a crown with every bite. Moving on to the Fiddle Head, it looks highly suspicious and more like a caterpillar than a fern. Also, you have to boil them before eating them because they grow in gross places. It's a hard pass for me.

If you were going to send a box of local products intended to represent Maine to someone from away, what would you include? I would send what our out of state friends and relatives have asked for; whoopie pies, red hot dogs, lobster and Italian sandwiches. I would also throw in some Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips because they were my go-to snack while watching SNL with Eddie Murphy in the 80's. Humpty Dumpty and Gumby were a hard combination to beat. My friend's mom used to by the chips in a huge round tin.

If you do want to send a box of Maine products, there's a company for that; Box of Maine. You can choose 5, 7 or 10 items out of 28 to put into a box or choose a theme box that's already put together. You can even include an Uncle Henry's.

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