This is Juston's first Maine performance since the pandemic shut everything down.


Juston will be at City Theater in Biddeford on August 14th. Some tickets are still available.

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If you don't know Juston McKinney, you need to. Juston grew up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and at a young age made the big trip north to Kittery, Maine. He spent 7 years as a York County Deputy Sheriff until he hung up his badge and picked up a microphone and started doing comedy!

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He went to New York in the late '90s and has been working steadily as a comic ever since. He's been on the Tonight Show, has a couple of Comedy Central specials and two Amazon Prime specials!  His latest, 'Parentally Challenged' is now available on Amazon Prime.


Don't miss Juston on Saturday, August 14 at City Theater in Biddeford! But if you do, he's back on tour with all sorts of chances to catch this amazing guy.

*No, that's not a typo. He spells his name Juston, not Justin. Because he tells a pretty funny story about his dad thinking it was funny that it was Just on!*



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