With temperatures close to 50 to start off the week, it's very easy to be fooled into thinking that winter is almost done. I even saw a couple robins yesterday.

It sure is starting to feel more like springtime, right? Yes, we all are getting the fever for warmer temps and that smell of fresh mud. But not so fast bub, Here comes more snow.

Our favorite Canadian weather forecaster, Frankie MacDonald  is back with what his neighbors in Maine can expect to be coming down for most of Thursday. The good news for us in the Portland area is that the snow is likely to mix with rain near the coast.

So, it'll be a slushy mess and our morning commute will probably suck. We just need to give ourselves some extra time to make sure we get the car cleaned off and don't drive like a jerk.

According to Frankie the situation away from the coast is a different story. He says the storm could bring...

"6 to 12 Inches of Snow or More and it will bring a lot of Snow in Maine Especially in Bangor, Augusta, Lewiston, Houlton."

We love his enthusiasm for the weather. His forecasts are always thoroughly detailed. Frankie also reminds us of the important things we need to remember to be ready such as...

"Do your Grocery Shopping Don't Wait until the Last Minute Do it Right Now."

The now world famous YouTube star hit the big time a few years back with his super- enthusiastic delivery covering Juno.

He has consistently covered every major weather event all across Canada and North America and we're honored that he includes our state in his reports. Frankie also makes sure to include very specific food, beverage, and survival suggestions as well.

Every time we hear there's another storm coming, we're not quite sure whether to blow it off as no big deal or get really scared.

One thing's for sure, we can always count on Frankie MacDonald to make certain that we are prepared either way.

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