After three days I have recovered enough to say, "Hey, that was some solid fun." Thanks for all of the good wishes Saturday night at Asylum.

How many 25th anniversary parties feature Steel Panther? Memere and Pepere's 50th wasn't this crazy! They did have a fountain on their cake though... Special thanks to Kevin for buying me a kick ass S. P. sweat band! My wing man Faith, (pictured above), has accompanied me to many shows. We have been on stage with Sammy Hagar, on the Jumbo-Tron at Van Halen and backstage with Motley Crue.

She rocked the show with me, and Mark was the best date ever. He also really liked the opening band, Future Villains. Thanks for the hugs and kind words Blimpsters, and for 25 years of great friendship and a shared love of rock!