The “shocker” was sarcasm.

The biggest obstacle for students pursuing their higher education is the cost. Either a college education isn’t even feasible or students see that going thousands of dollars into debt for an entry-level paying job is pointless and I don’t blame them.

Sure, getting a college degree will score you a better job but at what cost?

Pursuing your higher education should be feasible, and accessible to all, and it shouldn’t be a financial burden. That’s why Maine is offering two years of free community college for those who qualify.

Maine Community Colleges Offer Free Tuition

As part of Maine’s supplemental budget, a new $20 million program allows Maine residents to attend two years of community college tuition-free. WMTW shares that the result of this has boosted application and enrollment rates in the state. Take away the financial burden of college and more students will go, it’s really that simple.

The article posted by WMTW shares that nearly 80% of new applicants were accepted into community college here in Maine and all qualified for two years of free community college. This is an unbelievable leap forward for students to be able to secure a degree, pursue a good-paying career, and not have to worry about the burden of financial debt caused by other colleges.

This is especially huge for those who come from low-income families and this opens the door for students who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to for this type of education.

The community colleges here in Maine are still accepting applications for this year way up until the start of the fall semester, so look into this and share this with others! This is a game-changer and truly a life-changer.

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