Back To School? These Classic Rockers Have Degrees!
Rock 'N' Roll might be more famous for its drop-outs, but these guys actually finished getting their degrees before they ever thought about going on tour. Lesson: always {and we mean, always!} have a back-up plan.
Tom Scholz, Master's Degree - It was 1970 when the future Boston master-…
5 Of The Quirkiest College Courses Offered In Maine
As college students across the state of Maine continue to hit the books as they push towards summer break, it's time to take a look at some of the more odd and interesting courses available to students. Most colleges and universities in Maine post their course catalog online and then a small de…
The Dreaded Turkey Dump! Tips! [VIDEO]
This week is a rough one for some young couples, as college students return home for Thanksgiving and break-ups break-out! It's referred to as The Turkey Dump, and it's for real. This phenomenon occurs when college freshmen in long distance relationships come home at Thanksgiving and break…
What is the ‘Turkey Drop?’ [VIDEO]
The "Turkey Drop" is when college freshmen break up with their high school boyfriend or girlfriend during their first school break, usually Thanksgiving. "Please pass the cranberry sauce, let's see other people."