This is great news for local folks who might need to replace the mask they've been wearing for the past couple months (me). I know that sound's gross.

But I have been tossing mine in the laundry to keep it fresh and clean. My mask is made of nice soft t-shirt material. It's wicked comfortable compared to the disposable ones I use occasionally.

As more places are reopening in Greater Portland and around the state, it's important to remember to keep a mask handy.

The problem is, disposable face masks seem to be about as easy to find on the shelves as paper towels. Maybe even harder. Every time I look for some. Nada. And some of the cloth masks can be a bit pricey.

Well here comes a local graphic design company to the rescue.

According to an announcement on Facebook, Victor Rios of Expose Design on Auburn St. in Portland will be giving away 250 face masks for free this Sunday June 14.

It starts at 12:30pm at Deering High School's student parking lot next to the tennis courts. This is a drive-thru event and will go on until 2:30pm or while supplies last, whichever comes first.

This is a terrific thing to do for your neighbors. Way to go, Victor!

Here's more about the event.

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