It was an extraordinary 4th of July weekend for a server at the legendary Taste of Maine restaurant. A wicked kind-hearted person left a $400 tip on a $399.42 bill. The bill had an additional message of "Happy 4th, so glad to be back." 

We've heard of more than a few of these "big tip"  types of stories of late. We think it's for several reasons. People are soooo happy to be back in Maine and visiting all our fantastic restaurants and pubs.




Maybe, more importantly, we have all realized, going through the last 16 months, just how important people in the service industry are to us. Whether it's taking out our garbage, stocking shelves at a grocery store, tending bar, or being a service person at a restaurant, these people are truly essential! They all put themselves out there during the pandemic and a nice fat gratuity is a lovely way to say "thank you."

You add in the 4th of July sentiment to all of this, and it just makes you smile and feel optimistic for our country and our future.

Check out some of the comments from the Taste of Maine Facebook page about the $400 tip:


I could read these comments all day. There were dozens of reactions to the big tip on the Taste of Maine Facebook page and not one negative comment. That in itself gives me hope!



Hopefully, this wonderful act will inspire others to pay it forward. But, hey, it doesn't have to be a gigantic tip. Anything to let these essential people in our community know that they are appreciated.

Cheers to all the great servers at the Taste of Maine restaurant and restaurants all over Maine!

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Speaking of nice tips, maybe even the guy or gal that hauled that giant lobster onto the roof of the Taste of Maine deserves a little something!

Here's a shot of the bill.




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