Today is July 11th...  7/11...  It's the day that nationwide convenience store chain 7-Eleven celebrates its birthday.  And, in 2022, the chain is celebrating 95 years in business.

As they have in previous years, the chain will be giving customers free small Slurpees throughout the day.  And, since it is a milestone year for them, they will be offering deals on hot dogs, muffins, and other snacks.

Keep in mind that not all of these deals will be offered at all locations.

Locations in Maine include 345 Main Street, Lewiston and 152 Main Street, Brunswick.  There are also three locations in the Portland area.  You can find these stores on Congress Street, Washington Avenue, and Forest Avenue.  And, there appears to be a location at 16 Main Street in Gorham, Maine.

If you are not in Maine, you can find a nearby store HERE

According to Wikipedia, the chain, which is headquartered in Dallas, started as a storefront at an ice house in 1927.  Originally called the Southland Ice Company, the chain operated as Tote'm Stores from 1928 through 1946.  As of 2021, there were over 78,000 7-Eleven stores worldwide.

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