Maine has got to be one the best place on the planet to celebrate the Halloween season. There's is certainly no lack ghostly legends and creepy locations to terrify us.

Is it any wonder that the most well known Mainer uses the state as the locale where most of his nightmares novels originate? Yup, this is Stephen King country for sure.

And he knows what we know. Maine is a wicked old place with so much history. Our state is home to many historic buildings. So it would make sense that ghosts would choose these perfectly scary spots to hang around in and haunt, right?

There's a really spooky place in Prospect, Maine that, maybe like me, you visited on a school field trip when you were young. It's the spectacular Fort Knox and for the 20th year it's turned into house of horror.

Jeremy Grant/The Timber Cross via Facebook

I remember the hair standing up on my neck when I was a kid, as we explored dark cave like granite corridors not knowing what presence might be there too. There wasn't even a haunted house attraction going on at that time.

It was just a chilling feeling being there. So if this remarkable historic place gives us the heebie jeebies in general, it's gotta be the perfect place to get scared silly this Halloween.

Jeremy Grant/The Timber Cross via Facebook

Watch as Belfast area photographer and filmmaker Jeremy Grant tours the Haunted Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine. Things are much different there this time of year.

"20 Years of Fright is theme for this year's Fright at the Fort anniversary event at Fort Knox Historic Site in Prospect Maine featuring the most memorable monsters, aliens, zombies and other scares from the past 20 years. Guests will have a terrifyingly good time on a 20 minute tour through Fort Knox’s dark passageways and rooms where creepy creatures lurk in the shadows waiting to scare them silly. The annual event is also the Friend of Fort Knox’s biggest fundraiser needed to complete repairs and preservation projects. Advance sale express tickets and additional information on Fright at the Fort 2019 may be found on the Cost: Advance Express Line Online Tickets = $15 adult $7.50 kids ages 5-11, At-the-door = $12 adult / $6 kids ages 5-11."