Games, food, fun, and raising a little good clean hell!


V-Twin Cruisers MC is a non-traditional Motorcycle Club and the best group of people ever. I love this club!

If you have preconceived notions of motorcycle clubs, throw them away for V-Twin Cruisers. They are non-territorial, non-confrontational, no drama, no prospects. They are a family of riders who enjoy riding & having fun with those who enjoy the same thing.


The only things mandatory are club dues and respect for all who ride and those who don't. They live, love, and laugh. Their family of riders is the closest group of people who respect, help and enjoy each other's company. Most important is having fun, because if you don't enjoy it, then why do it?
With that in mind, it's time for another Bike Show and Games!  These are a blast!! If you have a bike, come! If you don't have a bike, come! That's how much fun this group is!

VTwin Cruisers Facebook

It's gonna be a blast! Tons of motorcycle games including the Weenie Bite, Slow Race, Water Balloon Toss, Road Kill, and many more! There are great prizes to win, PB& ME and Pinky D's Poutine Factory food trucks, raffles for a new BBQ grill, and a Shelter Logic Garage. They don't do anything small. This is a family-friendly event and the public is welcome.

Just head to Naples American Legion on Casco Road in Naples. Money raised will go back into the club and support the many great causes the V-Twin Cruisers MC is always lending a hand to!

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