I live in South Portland, and as I drove by Crystal Clean Car and Dog Wash the other day I was amazed at the gargantuan American flag waving over the city.

I needed to know who was behind this incredible display of patriotism. Luckily, News Center Maine did the footwork for me and reported that the owner, Chris Tyll, had the flag in his vision when he started renovating the car/dog wash a couple years ago.

Chris is a former Navy Seal, and along with creating an environmentally responsible business, he included this 1,500 square foot flag that waves from a flag pole made from U.S. steal using local companies and it is also illuminated at night by LED lights. Yuo can't miss it, day or night.

The American flag means everything to Chris, who lost friends fighting under it and for it. According to the article, he also believes that if we all came came together without the division of political parties, and just identified ourselves as united Americans we could solve our country's problems quickly. I like this guy so much. Thank you for your service, Chris, and thank you for a beautiful vision of the United States that comes from a wider perspective.

The flag was raised on Independence Day with members of local police and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club.

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is made up of veterans from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces who ride as a hobby. They fund raise for veteran organizations each year and teach motorcycle safety.

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