According to the Sun Journal, Maine Governor Janet Mills signed an emergency order last week saying a big, "Hell yeah!" to CBD being added to food products and being sold legally by Maine retailers.

In January, inspectors directed retailers to pull products such as drinks, tinctures and food products that contain CBD from their shelves. They cited both state and federal laws. However, they were only supposed to educate retailers, not order an action. The state back pedaled with an apology and our governor set things right.

Hemp contains very little THC, that's the goof-inducing part of marijuana. Hemp is used in many ways; fiber, concrete substitute and also as a food additive. While many believe that CBD helps with anxiety, insomnia, depression, pain and other afflictions, those claims can no longer be made by producers and retailers since it is now considered to be a food.

CBD is becoming big business in Maine and our locals aren't going down without a fight against government control and big pharma, who might try to regulate small players out of the market.

Right now Maine hemp farmers can earn between $16,000 and $200,000 per acre and it's predicted that the hemp industry could triple over the next year.

Federal laws remain murky but Maine's 82 licensed hemp farmers remain determined and hopeful.

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