Happy 74th birthday to Reginald Dwight, better known as Sir Elton John. Elton has sold over 300 MILLION albums and has been awarded 5 Grammys. He is one of the world's biggest superstars, so we should find ourselves lucky that the Rocketman has visited Maine six different times over the years for live concerts. He's been good to us! It took a while though, as Elton didn't visit Maine until 1993.  Since then, he's been to Portland 5 times and Bangor once. If you've been lucky enough to see Elton, then you know he puts on one of the greatest shows ever. The last time Elton played anywhere was March 7, 2020..right before the pandemic hit. Hopefully, we will get concerts back this year and I'm sure Elton will be back on the road. This is a guy who has plenty of money and doesn't need to keep touring. But EJ loves playing music for us. Come back soon and happy birthday, Elton!

All the Elton John Concerts in Maine

    • October 24, 1993-Cumberland County Civic Center---TWO shows-same day!
    • April 7, 2000-Cumberland County Civic Center
    • April 24, 2004-Cumberland County Civic Center


  • February 28, 2008-Cumberland County Civic Center-SOLO
  • November 17, 2017-Cumberland County Civic Center
  • November 18th, 2017-Cross Insurance Arena-Bangor

Here's some video from that 2017 show:


Here's the ENTIRE concert from Elton's epic solo show in 2008.


Here's a clip from the last time Elton was in Maine. It was his first trip to Bangor.




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