On Friday, Maine turned 199 years old, happy birthday!

If you want to learn more about Vacationland, your first stop should be the Maine Historical Society. They are all about preserving and making Maine's history accessible and engaging. M.H.S. keeps Mainers connected to our past through Longfellow House tours, Brown Research Library, online resources, Maine Memory Network, exhibitions and their museum. They've already started gearing up for Maine's bicentennial, contact them if you are up for volunteering or would like to make a donation.

Chowdaheadz.com has some interesting facts about Maine:

  • You know this already, but spring is hardly a season in Maine. We have the second coldest in the country. The only place colder is Wyoming.
  • Maine is the only state that borders with just one other state. Hey, New Hampshire!
  • Our highest peak was named after a luxury car that was named after the famous explorer, Laumet de le Mothe, suier de Cadillac- Cadillac Mountain! Pretty fancy for such a down to earth state.
  • Maine doles out 90% of the lobster that leaves the U.S.
  • The huge 16 foot boot outside of the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport is actually a size 410!
  • Donut holes were invented by Captain Hansen Gregory of Rockport. Gregory was 16 years old and a crew member on a scurvy-fighting lime trading schooner when he punched the hole out of a donut. It was 1847 and before that donuts cooked unevenly and were often raw in the middle.

Next year Maine's bicentennial party is sure to be a blow-out with lots of wild blueberries, lobster and donut holes.

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